Black Buckwheat Flour


Net Wt: 200gm

Gross Wt: 214gm

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Black buckwheat is grown traditionally in relatively warmer areas of both Leh and Kargil districts of Ladakh, where double-cropping is possible. It is generally grown as the second crop after harvesting the barley crop. This is one of the most expensive cereals with high nutritional value. There are two types of buckwheat, one is black and the other one is white. The black one is bitter in taste.

Short Story About Producers

Ms. Yangchan from Skurbuchan village lovingly tended and harvested this black buckwheat over a period of three months. They are then taken to traditional water mills for grinding to produce fresh buckwheat flour. Buying from Ladakh Basket, you have committed to empowering hundreds of women like her to lead a better life for themselves and their families. Ladakh Basket appreciates your support.

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