Himalayan Wild Caraway | Black Cumin


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Wild Himalayan Caraway also is known as Black Cumin or Anise or Aniseed and ‘Konyot’ in local language grows wild in the fields and around lakes of Ladakh. When young, the plant bears a beautiful white flower that grows into tender green seeds. Once matures it turns into dark brown colour and that’s when it is gathered from the plants. This beautiful spice emits the intense yet delicate aroma of cumin and fennel together. It is used as a spice, either ground or whole. It is also used to add flavour to desserts.

Short Story About Producers

A number of men and women from various region of Ladakh goes to the mountains to gather these wild cumins when they are matured.  These are collected by hand and then cleaned before storing. Buying from Ladakh Basket, you have committed to empowering hundreds of women to lead a better life for themselves and their families. Ladakh Basket appreciates your support.

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