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Halmon Apricots picking and tasting were one of the highlights of my trip to Ladakh. I had a wish to bring this wonderful tasting gift of nature nurtured by Ladakhi farmers to my home. Voila! I came across ‘Ladakh Basket’ in  an article in a major Indian print media  and since then our family has been a regular customer of their dried halmon apricots and chamomile tea. What I like about ‘Ladakh Basket’  is that,


Products are top notch, best quality. For example, majority of apricots available in market contain sulphur to maintain their color. But, Ladakh Basket apricots are sulphur free, sundried and do not contain any preservatives. 


It is a truly organic organisation unlike many others brands who use false advertising of being organic. Right from their packaging  to supporting the local community at grassroots level. 


They mention the name of the farmer on the packet. This attention to details is commendable in supporting and nurturing the local farming community.


Thank you ‘Ladakh Basket’


Manish Godhwani 

Maharashtra, India

I have been ordering a lot of local stuff from ladakh basket from last one year and trust me this is the best store you can buy authentic and most premium dry fruits and local food from . Before this, I never knew, how and where to order the local ladakhi dry fruits from but trust me this is the best place to buy your dry fruits and in addition to this, you can help the local farmers to have a good revenue, who hail from distant lands of changtang and adjoining areas.


Ragav Jammu

I was very fortunate to have discovered Ladakh Basket through a mere Google search. It is not just any e-store, but a platform which exhibits and celebrates its people and motherland through its indigenous product offerings.


I’ve never ever come across such high quality products anywhere else, and I’m proud to say that I’m now an ardent Ladakh Basket supporter. From the packaging to the final delivery, everything is just handled with great care. 


Kudos to their Ladakh Basket and their team for making authentic products from Ladakh available all across India! We absolutely fell in love with their ‘Halman Apricots’ and ‘Wild Cumin’ and they are now a part of our daily food regime!


I wish them all the best and i always look forward to placing more orders with them.


Krish Karnataka


When I first saw post of Ladakhbasket, I took it as just another company, but she I spoke to Thinles, his ideas and genuine efforts made me believe that this is different. I was proven right with my first order. I congratulate entire team of Ladabasket for the fantastic work they do by helping the farmers.



Their products are fantastic. I appreciate not only its quality , but also its package with sophisticated sense, they can be the best gift for anybody.

I’m so happy with their effort of producing Ladakh’s precious product.


Sachi JOKO

Terrific chamomile tea…very subtle flavour…fruity palate…destressing. Felt like enwrapped in a sense of calm after drinking your tea.


Sharan Thakur

New Delhi 

I first encountered Ladakh Basket at Dilli Haat in Delhi and tried a few of their products.  The quality of the products and the packaging was fantastic.  The Halman Apricots are absolutely addictive.  I have since placed orders online and found Ladakh Basket to be great to work with- they send out high-quality products and are wonderful at customer service.  I’ll definitely be placing more orders in the future.



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