Our Impact

We strive to create positive impact through our social enterprise

Economic Empowerment


Since our inception in 2020, Ladakh Basket has brought together more than 50 local farming families and producers to co-collaborate and partner with us. Our intended impact is to increase local communities’ livelihood opportunities. We want to do this to demonstrate that sustainable agricultural practice is viable and necessary for people and planet. We do this by increasing access to and diversifying markets, supply chains and through providing environmental and sustainability training and mentoring.



In our first year, Ladakh Basket partnered with the village of Liktse (in the Leh district of Ladakh) to showcase it as an organic village and grow awareness about the value and necessity of organic farming. We do this through holding local and regional events and workshops. In our second year, Ladakh Basket partnered with the village of Hemya (also in the Leh district of Ladakh) to showcase and demonstrate it as an organic village. Liktse and Hemya is known for its barley, wheat, chamomile tea, apricot oil, kidney beans, and lentils.

Community Development


Ladakh Basket is committed to the preservation and championing of our local indigenous heritage and culture. We want to do this because we believe in the value of strengthening our shared communities—socially and economically—to ensure healthy flourishing for all. We do this by upholding and committing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is our guide for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, today and into the future.

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