Ladakh is very unique region geographically, socially, culturally as well as it has got unique indigenous products. There is a lack of market presence of these products and if one wants to buy these products they have to come to Ladakh to buy or call a friend to send some.

Ladakh Basket is online platform where one can sell and buy these Ladakhi indigenous products from any part of the world. The sole purpose of our idea is to empower locals by giving them a platform to sell their local products and generate revenue. Another mission of Ladakh Basket is to design packaging for local products which is creative and represent the culture and heritage of Ladakh.

By providing this platform we are bridging both consumer and producer so that we provide satisfaction for both. Quality, fairness, diversity, empowerment and respect for idea and creativity governs the core values of Ladakh Basket.


Thinles Nurboo


Sonam Stanzin


Stanzin Jordan

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